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Quality of EMPIREO Perfumes


Why are EMPIREO Perfumes so exceptional?

The quality of Perfume is determined mainly by its content and the proportion of perfume/fragrance essences.

Perfume is called  :  Perfume, Eau de perfume,  toilet water  or cologne, are mostly used as perfume. The higher the content of fragrance essences in the perfume, the better it smells and the longer it lasts.

Perfume categories according to the ratio of fragrance essences:

Perfume - the most intense  with 20-40% fragrance ratio,

Eau de Parfum (EdP) -  Perfume essence 15 - 19%,

Eau de toilette (EdT) - aroma essence ratio 5 - 15%,

Cologne (Eau de Cologne, EdC) - the ratio of fragrance is lower 2 - 4% due to use on the face and preventing skin irritation

EMPIREO perfumes have fragrance essences of 20%! We place great emphasis on quality, friendly composition and interesting design. We offer a wide selection of wonderful scents at great prices for ladies and gentlemen. If you wish to get advice on choosing a fragrance, we recommend reading our fragrance catalogue or purchasing a set of EMPIREO Perfume Samples.

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